Friday, September 26, 2008

Palin Should Step Down Says Conservatives.

Now that the honeymoon of the Republican National Convention is over, the conservative pundits who heaped bushels of rose petals at the feet of Sarah Palin would like to regain their dignity if not their credibility. Kathleen Parker, David Brooks, George Will and David Frum now question Sarah Palins ability to be one octogenarians heart beat away from the presidency. Read it here.

Adding Palin to the ticket could be McCains costliest mistake. He must realize she cannot be hidden from the press for the next 40 days. McCains' no-show at the presidential debate tonight is an ill-disguised attempt to fore-stall the vice-presidential debates which will likely be devastating in every sense of the word to the Republican ticket.

Even the few glimpses the media has had (extraordinarily scripted glimpses in some cases) have been cause for humor and ridicule for Mrs. Palin. While there is little doubt as to why Palin is being shielded from the press, denying the media access to Palin has caused a firestorm of resentment that is just beginning to spill over.

Perhaps the worst thing about Palin is that if the Republicans lose it would simply be common place. However, if the Republicans win it would just be sad and pathetic.

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