Tuesday, June 10, 2008

10 Reasons Gen Xers Are Unhappy at Work

This post by Tammy Erickson generated 97 comments from gen-Y'ers, gen-X'ers and Boomers and a lot of the posts were quite heated. Some people were surprised to discover the tensions simmering between these generations as well as within themselves. Perhaps the one thing all generations could agree on was the apparently unique gen-X trait of 'whining' a lot.

As for X-ers whining, yes, I believe there is that element...if nothing else, a lot perceive that they are accomplishing 'less' than their parents were able to while making more. They are looking at a future which not only has an uneasy economy, political uncertainty, a seemingly unending war,... they also are remembering who they were and some of us are wondering how we became who we are presently. -- C Erickson

It got me to thinking that perhaps the reason for Gen-X dissatisfaction was that they belonged to a political party that didn't exist, but the theory didn't pan out so well on the forums.

What do you think? Is Gen-X really the constituents of the Progressive Bull-Moose party?

Would we use Bullwinkle as our mascot?

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