Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Momma!?

A random conservative blog I came across argues that Fox news did not mean "Baby Momma" in it's older, more derogatory meaning, but rather the slang was used in a new, hipper, classier context of the same phrase.

It's a wonderful example of how Faux can unethically denigrate an political opponent's wife yet be completely legally blameless. How many southern baptists vote for men who have 'baby mommas' and who would make a 'baby momma' a first lady of America?

Is wikipedia hip enough for conservatives? The baby-momma entry has been recently edited to include the Faux News gaff and cites a less denigrating spin on the term. The vast majority of us have never heard the term 'baby-momma' within polite conversation, until Faux News decided to make it so.

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