Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fabric coated cars.

Like a lot of us, you are probably wondering how you're supposed to survive the month after sinking anywhere from 50 to 150 dollars into your gas tank per week. Unfortunately, we're pretty much stuck with petrol for the foreseeable future unless we discover a viable energy source to replace it. Viable energy sources does not include bio-fuel, which is unsustainable and only raises the price of food.

While BMW does not tout the fuel economy benefits of a fabric coated car (rather, they advertise it's shape-shifting qualities), you have to admit fabric makes a lot of sense. Why pay money to transport hundreds of pounds of aluminum when really, it's yourself and perhaps some groceries you want to transport. Besides, airplanes were coated with fabric for years. Why not?

Of course, noise would increase as a sheet of fabric could not have the insulation properties of foam filled aluminum panels. Safety could be an issue but only the cabin of the car needs protection, not the entire vehicle.

It's a concept, and a pretty darned neat one!

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